Setting A Mood With Cafe Interior Design

The success of a cafe does not just depend on serving wonderful food. Often, customers choose where to eat based on the ambiance of the venue. With that in mind, here are some pointers for cafe interior design.

Who Will Use The Cafe?

The initial, and perhaps most important, decision is who your target market is. Who is likely to use the cafe? If you are creating a small cafe in an area popular with families then a relaxed, child friendly atmosphere could bring in a lot of business. On the other hand, if your cafe is going to be placed in a busy metropolitan hot spot then a chic and modern atmosphere is probably more likely to attract young professionals.

When Is Your Cafe’s Peak Time?

This partly ties in with your target audience. If you are going to get most of your trade during the evening as people leave work, then you might want to tailor your decor accordingly. Cafe interior design in popular night spots should be focused on creating ambiance through clever lighting. For example, if you want to cater to couples you can create an intimate atmosphere with low lighting and candles on every table.

Think About The Location

The location can have a lot of impact on cafe interior design. For instance, if your venue is situated just yards from a busy beach then you will draw in more customers by reflecting the beach location in your choice of decor. If you are based in a cooler mountainous region then something cozy and homey may attract a greater number of customers.

What Is Your Budget?

Wen you are designing your cafe, it is important not to lose sight of your budget. Create some mood boards to consolidate your vision of how you want your venue to look, and then search for items that compliment the theme. Check these purchases against the budget, and source some cheaper alternatives if necessary. The key to creating a look for less is to allow yourself plenty of time so that you can hunt down some bargains.

Don’t Forget The Outside

Creating the perfect interior will not help to attract customers if the exterior does not compliment what is inside. At the very least, you should invest in a smart new fascia. If your peak business time is likely be in the evening, then don’t forget to illuminate the outside of your cafe too.

Cafe Interior Designs

Should You Hire A Professional?

Creating the perfect cafe design can be an enjoyable experience if you are creative, but what if you aren’t confident in choosing fixtures and fittings? A professional designer can be money well spent – if the designer’s work boosts business you’ll get your invested money back many times over. They are also likely to have some strong contacts such as tradespeople, who can be trusted to carry out the work well.
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