• Art Paintings – Exploring the Artist Identity and look at the painting

    Art Paintings - Exploring the Artist Identity and look at the painting

    My very first visit to the art museum was a journey through a maze I couldn’t make sense of the abstract brushstrokes or strange imagery used by artists in Arts paintings. This doesn’t look like anything!” I remember exclaiming to a schoolmate, still trying to associate the elements of art with familiar everyday objects.

    When my efforts to put the work in perspective were futile, I scurried away with my friends to view the next most eye-catching work, often paying no attention to the ones that were less colorful or striking. There were always those questions of “What the paintings meant” and “How one could search for these meanings,” that we, non-art students, had no answers to.

    Hit by the same questions again and again after visiting a paintings exhibition in San Francisco recently, tend embarked on a quest to learn from the experts.

    Top three outlines;

    Physical Properties

    Consider the dimensions of the painting; its size about the environment and how it’s displayed. (Framed, unframed or freestanding). Some artists intend for their work to be extremely large in scale to create a certain kind of impact or to evoke a certain sense of awe.

    • Look closely at the painting and examine what types of the medium the artist had chosen to use. (i.e., acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, charcoal, metal)
    • Observe how the paint has been applied. (With a brush, fingers, sponge).
    • How has the artist used his or her tools to create a certain feeling and what would change if it were substituted for something else?
    • Is there a particular texture that has been set up (rough, smooth, edgy) that causes you to cringe, feel like touching it or respond to it in a certain way?

    Also, pay attention to elements like lines which may affect the way your eye is being directed and the use of colors to create a particular mood.

    Art Paintings - Exploring the Artist Identity and look at the painting

    Art painting Subject

    In most paintings, there should be a focal point or a central element that captures your attention and draws your eye to it first. This may provide you with clues concerning the theme or issue the artist may be trying to shed light upon.

    For example, in Blue Clamp (1981), a masterpiece of American artist Jim Dine, the eye is first drawn to the blue clamp central to the heart in the painting. You can also visit our top article here for more information. The physical properties combined with the clamp evoke a profound sense of pain as if one can picture another bleeding,

    When looking at a paintings, consider whether you can associate any imagery with past experiences or symbols that may signify particular events/issues. Is the work abstract or something that breaks boundaries and fixed notions of beauty? 20th-century artists often experiment with different ways of creating art, questioning expectations of what art should or should not be.

    Art paintings Viewer’s Perspective

    Finally, pay attention to where the artist has positioned you as a viewer and what perspective you have been forced to undertake. Are you looking into a house, looking from above or below a subject? Does the gaze of the subject (a man) invite you to look closely at him or does he seem disconnected from the viewer because we cannot see his face?

    The artist makes deliberate choices about what he wants to reveal and what he intends to hide from the audience, and we can derive meaning from these options. In the end if you not satisfied you can visit this link:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/16/tibetan-art_n_3762140.html here for more to know. For example, if a subject’s face is not being shown, it could imply a lack of status or identity, depending on the associations one makes.

    While some pieces of work are more abstract than others, the meaning of any painting is open to your interpretation. There are no right or wrong answers, so don’t be afraid of speaking your mind! Try talking about painting with a friend and you’ll be surprised how different his or her ideas could be! Note down what runs through your mind the next time you step into an art gallery and look at art paintings with a whole new light!

  • Music Therapy for Health and Wellness


    Music therapy has become one of the biggest used tools of today. Though, there are still thousands of people who remain unconvinced about it. Of course, there are some who say music therapy is no good because all you do is sit around and listen to music. However, you do more than just listen to music; you stimulate your mind and body.

    Calms Your Senses

    Arts and art therapy isn’t something most people think about when it comes to health and wellbeing but sometimes they can be pretty useful. Of course, as most will know music is a few notes thrown together with some lyrics and while some wouldn’t think it would do anything for them, some actually find it very important. For starters when you listen to a soothing piece of music, you can find yourself becoming a lot calmer and that can be important for your health. Being overworked and tensed can often cause many health issues but with some music, that can all change.

    Releases Tension

    Music is such a special little tool for most people because when you have had a long day and want to de-stress or relax music can allow you to do that. Anyone who has been through a tough few days or weeks will know that they often are stressed and finding a release for that stress is hard. However, when you sit down and relax and listen to some music you can in fact find yourself feeling a lot better inside. You can be soothed by the sweet tones and it can be good to help you relieve those tensions.

    Reminds You of Special Times

    Certain songs or certain types of music can in fact play a huge part for those with brain injuries or diseases. For instance those with dementia could potentially remember something associated with a certain song. The reason for this is that the music and lyrics can stimulate the brain and can allow someone to dig deep and help recover a memory, even if it’s just for a few seconds. That is why more and more professionals say music or arts can be very good for the soul.

    Music Is a Therapy

    A lot of people believe when it comes to health and wellness music doesn’t play a part in that but it really does. When someone is hurt after an accident or just generally feeling run down, they don’t have many options available to them to help. Some will look at exercising to try and get them back on their feet while others find some form of release but sometimes, all you need is a bit of music. Yes, music isn’t going to heal a broken leg or cure your sadness but it can certainly allow you to feel much better inside. When you listen to music you can become a little happier; any arts you feel comfortable with can help greatly.

    Will You Try?

    Music therapy can be quite good if you are willing to give it a try. If you don’t like it or don’t believe in it then that is your personal choice, at least you gave it a go. However, you never know, you might actually enjoy some music therapy.

    Find out more informations here: http://www.canoesongs.ca/arts-5-types-music/

  • Dancing can mend your soul

    Who has not cried out in joy when he started playing your favorite song? Or felt more excited after listening to a happy song? Yes, taking a look at General site about dancing and arts of dancing can really mend your soul. Well, it is pretty obvious that music is good for the soul. The cool thing is discovering that it is also is good for the body, including helping in the treatment of various diseases. That’s what makes music a real therapy.

    Dancing-1050x700You can know much more at any General site about dancing and arts of dancing
    You can feel in the body the changes that music causes: depending on the pace, breathing becomes calmer and more relaxing, blood pressure increases or decreases, the heartbeat becomes stronger or lighter. And this has been proven in various studies such as those published by the American Music Therapy Association, AMTA, the United States, and the World Federation of Music Therapy-WFMT, located in Genoa, Italy.

    In addition, the music speaks directly to the limbic system of the brain (the area responsible for emotions, the motivation and affectivity), contributing to the socialization and even increasing the production of endorphins. So it can be used to combat depression, stress, anxiety; in alleviating the symptoms of diseases such as hypertension and cancer; and treatment of patients with chronic pain. If you have 5 minutes per day it will be quite useful to take a look at General site about dancing and arts of dancing.
    The music or the rhythm chosen is one that comes from the patient’s request, user or student
    Music therapy – helping millions to mend their souls through rhythm and happiness
    Recognizing all this therapeutic power of music did it come to music therapy. The practice, which uses music, sounds and movements for therapeutic purposes, is already adopted in various hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers for the physical, psychological and emotional integration.

    Most rehabilitation centers all over the world already use music therapy as part of their work. It has been implemented in the Social Assistance Reference Centers and Psychiatric Care Centers for adults and children, and also in hospitals and neurology centers and in special schools. It is equally as important for animals that also become part of the treatment. The environment becomes a great place for the patient – whether human or animal – to feel better and make the best out of the treatment itself.
    And also!
    Music therapy is still used in companies to improve employee performance in spas, to assist in reducing anxiety in schools, helping with concentration and student learning, and care centers for the elderly, contributing to socialization and for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

    Are you ready to choose your soundtrack?
    One of the most interesting points of music therapy is that there is no predefined recipe treatment. Therapy is established in conjunction with the music therapist and the patient, according to your needs and your goals. Now make sure you check any General site about dancing and arts of dancing!

    More info here: artofinventions.com

  • Arts 5 Types of Music


    Arts are a major contributor to individuals and can make impacts in many different cases. Sometimes there are some of the technical aspects of life, but often there are many differences when it comes to increases, the lifestyle and adding some things to the daily routine that might enhance the style a little bit. Arts are a part of some major contributors and have different types of quality to them. They have a lot of different subjects and often are studied in schools, but mainly they are the expression of the observer and one of the ways people create. Music doesn’t ever go away, and these are some of the music trends and styles that have been around for a long time.

    Classical Music

    Classical music is basically one of the many issues and trends that have been around for a long time. The music itself defined in a classical form has been accepted and introduced to a large audience. With composers being varied in a lot of different ways, the music itself can have thousands of instruments. These instruments can have unknown beginnings and even less understood creations, but ultimately they are symbols of knowledge that demonstrated something.  These arts have trumpets, trombones, harps, piano’s, flutes, violin’s and many different types of drums. There are tons of different unique instruments.

    Rock Music

    Made popular towards the 1960’s, this music was coming into form with more of an informational and rebellious tone that has freedom singing that was attempted to be thwarted by organizations who have an investment in things that are contrary to people’s freedoms.

    Trance Music

    This music is designed to initiate some type of understanding when it comes to the evolution of the mind. Often this type of music will have different levels of beats and tones in order to engage a type of mind. This will aim at producing consistent rhythms that can make any person dance. They have more upbeat levels, and they have some more dormant levels that are meant for different activities.Know more here 


    There are many different types of jingles that exist, and they can be for commercial and different types of reasons. Jingles basically are often beneficial to individuals should the individual want some information involved in their own studies that could be beneficial to them. Often there is an added increase in sales, products, purchases and branding according to what people actually want.

    Electronic Music

    Electronic music is a music system that engages different levels of information that often provides rapid paced effects and is often played by people who enjoy the music. This has also been associated with raves. People who love electronic music mean that it’s basically just played with electric instruments and the beats  are made for each.

    Featured Post here: http://www.canoesongs.ca/beginner-painting-mistakes-easy/

  • Beginner painting mistakes that is easy to make

    painting mistakes

    When you are just starting out in painting pictures, you can easily makes mistakes over and over again that can prevent you from learning the right way of painting. There are many things that can go wrong when you are starting to paint, but the secret is to know what mistakes are the beginner is making, so that you can avoid these mistakes. Here are some beginner painting mistakes that are easy to make.

    Cleaning your brush too often

    This is a mistake that rooky artist are making. They are cleaning their brushes after every color. This isn’t a great idea when you are painting. Because when you are having a little bit of color left on your brush you can more easily blend your colors on your canvas. And with the two different colors on your brush, you will discover new combination of colors that you wouldn’t have tried yourself.

    Another reason why you shouldn’t clean your brush too often is because you are damaging your brushes with each and every wash. Good quality brushes are expensive and you don’t want to damage the brushes to fast.see the site http://www.topangamessenger.com/story_detail.php?ArticleID=7260 for more details.

    If you don’t stepping back and check your painting

    You won’t belief what you would actually see when you are stepping back and check your painting regularly. When you are stepping back, you will see the painting in a whole new way and you will see much easier some mistakes that you have made. Or you will see that the painting looks much prettier than what you would have thought.

    It is very important to see your painting from different angles while you are still painting. You can’t step away, when the painting is finished. Then you can’t correct any errors that you have made along the way.

    Buying cheap quality supplies

    If you want to do paintings that are looking nice, you need to buy high quality supplies. When you are buying cheap quality supplies, your work will show that you have used cheap supplies. It is better to invest in a little bit of high quality supplies than using a lot of cheap supplies.

    Using good quality supplies will have a positive effect on your work that will be noticeable.

    Using small canvasses and small brushes

    Beginners tend to go small rather going bigger. The problem is that when you are painting small, it will be a lot more difficult to get the proportions correct. The bigger you are painting, the better your proportions will be and the easier you will paint.visit this source here!

    painting mistakes

    Don’t be scared to go big. It is better to go big and bold than small. You will gain much more experience with going big.

    Making paintings and art can give you satisfaction and pride. But, if you are a beginner, you don’t always know what you are doing wrong. And if you don’t know what you are doing wrong, you can’t improve your work. With these mistakes that beginners are making while painting, you can learn on what you are doing wrong, to correct your mistakes.

  • Drawing basics: Drawing techniques


    Arts can be really fun to do if you can master all the drawing techniques. There are so many techniques, that it can take forever to know all these techniques and to be able to apply it to your drawings. You don’t need to have the talent to draw; you just need to know all the basics of drawing. And you need to practice every single day. Here are some drawing basics from some of the drawing techniques to some drawing ideas.

    Contour lines

    When you are just starting with art and drawings, you should know more about line drawings and contour lines. Contour lines are where you draw just some of the edges to indicate the whole picture. An example is; if you are drawing an athlete that is running. You don’t want to draw the face, but the muscles in the body. You then using contour lines to indicate where the face should be, but don’t draw in any details.

    You don’t want to draw something in the whole; you want to let the focus be on something specific. That area you will draw in details, and the rest you can draw with contour lines.

    Start your drawing in basic forms

    Especially if you are a beginner in drawing, you should start your drawing in basic forms like cubes, triangles and circles.read more news at http://www.ardmoreite.com/article/20141229/News/141229754

    If you are looking very closely to something, for example a house, you will see blocks and triangles. Draw this first to get the picture’s proportion right. Then you can start off with adding the details. More details where you want the focus to be and fewer details where the focus isn’t.

    Everything in art starts with basic forms. Look around and you will see that everything has circles, triangles and blocks. And everyone can draw a basic block or circle.

    Start your drawing with light pencil

    Always start your arts drawing with a light pencil. If you are making mistakes, you can erase it without leaving any visible lines. There are different types of drawing pencils for making your picture light or dark. Start off with a light pencil, making sure that your picture is what you want it to be and then you can make it darker while adding some details. This is especially helpful if you are doing a pencil sketch.

    Start drawing real life pictures


    It may seem easier to start off drawing from a picture or a photo, but it isn’t a great idea if you are a beginner in drawing. If you are drawing a picture from real objects, will give you a better perspective on what the shape actually are in real life. Drawing from a picture will let you draw a 2dimensional picture and not a 3 dimensional picture.

    When you have a lot of experience, then you can start drawing from a picture or a photo, because then you will know how to draw life-like drawings.
    Starting to draw isn’t as hard as what we think it is. All you need is a little knowledge about all the techniques and a whole lot of practice. With knowing all the drawing techniques you can make real art that you will enjoy.

  • What do your color choices say about your brand?

    cool color paintings

    The color of your arts in your brand is a very important part of making sure that your brand end up very successful. Each color has another meaning and can make an emotional impact about your product. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing the color for your brand itself, or for the marketing of your product. Here is what your color choices can say about your brand.check more details from http://www.canoesongs.ca/acrylic-painting-tips-beginners/

    Warm colors

    Warm colors are the colors that are making us feel warm. It also normally let us thinks heat and light. If you want your brand’s arts show heat or light, then the warm colors might be the right choice for your brand. With warm colors we are thinking normally about these colors:

    • Red,
    • Orange,
    • Yellow,
    • Gold,
    • Brown.

    Cool colors

    In contrast with the warm colors, the cool colors represent cool temperature, calmness and water. If your brand is for winter time, then the arts on the brand should not be made with cool colors. This will not attract any people in buying a “cool” brand in the heart of winter. With cool colors we are normally thinking about:visit this website to get more details.

    • Blue,
    • Green,
    • Grey,
    • Purple

    When choosing your colors

    When you are start off with designing the arts or the marketing plan for your brand, you must realize that the colors of the brand or advertisement is the most important part. Here are a few examples of what you must think about when choosing your colors.

    • If you are selling something warm like blankets or heaters, you can’t even think about incorporating the cool colors into any of the art or the advertisement. This will give the consumer the idea that your blanket or heater won’t make them feel warm. You should use the warm colors, to make sure that it shows that your blanket or heater will keep them warm.

    Another example is if you are selling something like ice-cream in the summer. Then you must think more along the line of cool colors. You want the consumer to realize that this brand will keep them cool during the summer heat. Here warm colors won’t do the trick.

    What each color can mean

    When you are considering the colors of the art of your brand, you should have an idea what every color actually can mean. Every color has its own meaning, and if you want your brand to succeed you must choose the right meaning. Here are some of the colors and what they can mean to the consumer:

    • Red is the color of love and can also raise blood pressure. You want to use red when you want your consumer to get excited.

    • Blue is the color of calmness and tranquility. You want to use blue if you want your consumer to feel calm.

    cool color paintings

    • Orange represents great bargains. So, if you want to let the consumer think of bargains, then orange is the color for your brand.

    • Green is for thinking out side of the box and for the creative side of consumers.

    If you are planning the colors of your brand or for your marketing of your product, you must know that the colors that you are using will have an effect on how the consumer will react on it. So, make sure that the color you are using in the art, will give the right impact to everyone.

  • Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

    acrylic painting

    Acrylic paints are versatile and easy to work with when you are painting. But this fast drying paint can be hard to work with if you don’t know how to work with acrylics. If you know all the tips of painting with acrylics when you are a beginner, will make painting even more fun and satisfying. Here are some of the acrylic painting tips that beginners should know.check more information from our latest blog post.

    Keep the paint workable

    If you are painting with acrylics for the first time, you will find that the paint is drying very fast. It is best if you are just squeezing enough paint out of your tube for you to use. If you are squeezing too much paint at a time, you will have dry, wasted paint that you can’t use. You can even work directly from the tube. By doing it this way, you will ensure that the paint won’t dry, and get wasted.

    If you want to improve flow without losing color

    If you want to dilute the paint before you are painting with it, don’t dilute it with water. If you dilute it with flow-improver medium, you will have paint that will paint easier, but it won’t lose any of the real color. When you are diluting the acrylics with water, it will improve the flow of the paint, but it will also lose some of the color. The color will become lighter and quite dull.read more related information from http://missoulian.com/entertainment/arts-and-theatre/yam-at-bozeman-artist-paints-state-of-flux-in-bold/article_8e5cfb39-4092-5ec5-852d-7859723f3de3.html

    Keep your brushes dry

    When you are rinsing your brushes with water in between painting, you need to learn to wipe the brush carefully on a cloth. This will prevent water from running down your canvas while you are painting. Water running down your painting can ruin your painting, especially if you are using too much water for cleaning your bushes. And washing your brush too much will also damage your brushes easily.

    You can use acrylics as water paint

    Acrylics are so versatile; you can even use the acrylics as watercolor paint. You just need to dilute it with some water. If the acrylics are diluted, it will work exactly as watercolor paint. The great thing about this is that if you want to make a painting with watercolors and acrylics, you don’t need to buy two different sets of paint. The acrylics will be able to do the work of both, the acrylics and the watercolor.

    Transparent glazes

    acrylic painting

    If you are considering painting with transparent glazes, you can also use your normal acrylics for this. You don’t need to go and buy another set of paint. If you want to paint with transparent glaze, you also just need to paint with the acrylics diluted in thin layers. This will give the same effect as buying specific paint for transparent glazes.

    Acrylics are quite a new form of painting. Normally paintings would be done with oil paint. However, even if the acrylics are new on the market, it can also create a great painting that will look just as good as what oil paint would have look. You just need to know these tips when you are painting with acrylics.

  • How to Paint with Acrylics: Acrylic Painting Tips

    aacf095c-3bea-4d18-8921-b0007be59f1cFor the artist who love making paintings, know the benefits and the troubles with painting with acrylic paints. If you are not use to paint with acrylics, you can struggle a bit at first. However, if you know all the painting tips for acrylics, you will find painting with acrylics very easy and fun to do. Here is some basic tips on how to paint with acrylics:

    Acrylics dry very quickly

    If you are painting with acrylics for the very first time, you will notice that it dry very fast. Much faster than painting with oil or other paints. It can be great if you want to paint a painting quickly, but if you are used in painting with paints like oil paints; you will struggle, because it will dry quicker than you want them to. The best way of painting with acrylics is by painting in layers. This makes a great painting and it will give your painting more depth. The end result will look more like a professional painting.

    More affordable

    If you can master painting with the acrylics, you can paint more frequently because the paints are more affordable than some of the other types of paints. And you will find the paint more easily in the shops than buying the other types of paints that are more expensive in arts shops.

    Use more mediums with acrylics

    When you work with acrylics, you can make use of more different types of mediums to make your paintings even more personal and unique. You can use these mediums when you are painting with acrylics:

    •  Gloss medium,
    •  Pumice stone gel,
    • Matte acrylic painting gel,
    • Crackle paste,
    •  Retarder,
    •  And, glazing liquid

    Just think about all the possibilities that you can do with your painting when you are using these other mediums with your acrylic paintings. The possibilities are endless.

    Can even dilute the acrylics

    You can dilute the acrylics and work with them as water paint, or you can use them without diluting, and making a thicker looking painting. The acrylics are versatile and you can play around and finding the best way that you personally would like to use your acrylics to make your paintings.

    Don’t need to prep the surface of the painting

    You can paint with the acrylics on many different types of surfaces. You don’t need to prep the surface with gesso before you can start your painting. This makes your hobby cheaper and more versatile. And preparing your surface with gesso can also take up unnecessary time before you can start with your painting. Painting with acrylics can be tough when you are not used to it, but there are so many tips out there that you can use to make painting with acrylics so much easier and more fun. You will also find that buying acrylics are cheaper and easier to find than other mediums like oil paints. If you love making paintings and are tired of waiting hours between layers, you will find that acrylics makes the process of painting easier and more fun.

  • Today’s Interior Design Trends For Every Room

    Living Room Interior Design

    Maybe you might be one of those fortunate people who have just bought your very first home, or you might have just bought a brand new apartment and you are wondering how to decorate it. You might also just want to update your existing home and add some touches of the latest trends in interior design. For every room of your house you will find some very trendier décor styles that will keep you happy and satisfied for many years to come.


    When it comes to bedroom design, trends are returning to the cleaner, crisper details. Today’s style is contemporary because people want to destress from the economic issues recently and so they want to have bedroom designs that remind them of spas and relaxation. People want their bedrooms to be places where they can escape to after a long and hard day. Todays colours are about soft greys and blues and creamy ivory and whites. People are looking for restful places to come home to at the end of the day.

    Living Room Interior Design


    As far as bathroom designs go, there are quite a lot of different styles that you can go for that are growing in popularity. Todays bathrooms will include Moraccon type tiles with natural products being used and clean colours. With a bathroom, your opportunities will be endless because there are a lot of people who don’t feel strongly anymore about what if they sold their homes. They are choosing to enjoy their homes, so trends for bathrooms really applies to creating the space that you love to be in rather than thinking about what would make the best sale. Checkout their official website to get updated.

    Your living room is the room that will speak about style and heaps of comfort, but also which has a unique appeal of its own. These days, people are discovering that it is not that single type of interior design style that needs to fit the bill for a room any longer, they are discovering that they can mix and match quite a lot of different styles and colour and that you don’t ever really get the perfect look, even though others might have told them what the so-called perfect look is. Trends for today are once again the Moroccan style look which has seen a huge surge in appeal.


    Finally for your kitchen, the latest trends in kitchens are just the fact already that the kitchen is now considered the hub of the home. This means that heaps of people are really concentrating on their kitchens, turning them into warm and enticing meeting places. Interior designs for kitchen latest trends are all about having the rustic and industrial look to it, but clean and contemporary looks to blend in. Materials are clean contemporary finishes and the trend is more towards the look of stainless steel over for instance a nature stone look. Open shelving is also very popular, lovely mosaic tiles or Moroccan tiles are in, and coupled with great lighting, you can turn your home into an up-to-date place to come home to.